Mold Assistance and Rapid Solution

Inspection and Monitoring is the core in the process. 

When you have the best core element which are best Machine, best Mold, best Auxiliary, best technician but because of two poor small elements which are Inspection and  Process Monitoring then all the core Element is big ZERO. Why?? 

Because Inspection will enable you  to see good product and bad product and reject all the bad product, so can make sure you deliver the good product ONLY to your customer and Process Monitoring will guarantee you Machine, Mold, Auxiliary performance, all of us do not want to be limited by Speed and Pressure but want to have the fastest speed and highest pressure which do not harm to Machine, Mold and Auxiliary. Therefore Process Monitoring can ensure you that. 

MARS is partner with the best class in the industry for Inspection and Process Monitoring.

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